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Fushun Luye artificial stone factory using the latest scientific and technological achievements, in 2009 invested heavily to buy large modern equipment to produce ordinary man-made products -- diamond composite stone.
Green artificial stone factory independent research and development production technology, adopt scientific management system, after ten years of development of our factory has become the northeast region and the country in the artificial stone industry, the use of advanced technology and process of the leading enterprises, the factory covers an area of 10000 square meters, the standard workshop of 1500 square meters, office building 650 square metres of 50 employees more than.
Green artificial stone factory adhering to the "science and technology for the benefit of society for the purpose of green environmental protection, uses the international leading technology, to produce the match ned -- diamond composite stone.
Match ned diamond composite stone has developed 5 series of 70 kinds of colors, the products are widely used in engineering and home decoration industry, at the same time, the factory use of his patent technology, to produce a molding surface matched with the cabinet industry standardization, creating a new era of ambry industry.
Match ned diamond has seven major advantages compared with the traditional stone:
1 flame retardant, low carbon, environmental protection
2 high temperature 200 ¡æ - 50 ¡æ below freezing
3 high strength, impact resistance, no fracture
4 high density, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew
5 no deformation, color stability, long life cycle
6 high brightness, easy processing, easy splicing
Technology innovation, will bring the development of new industry by storm, we will be excellent products, quality service, preferential prices, customer service, service society.
Fushun Luye artificial stone factory of the latest scientific and technological achievements, artificial stone revolution, not afraid of high temperature (200 ¡æ) is not afraid of low temperature (-50 ¡æ) are not afraid of the hammer, high strength, high wear resistance, high brightness, easy cleaning, easy processing, easy splicing.